In package com.eden.orchid.api.compilers

public abstract class OrchidPrecompiler extends Prioritized

since: v1.0.0 public abstract

The precompiler is a compiler to be run against files before they are sent to their appropriate OrchidCompiler. Generally, this is used to extract data embedded within the file, returning the extracted data and the content after it has had its embedded data removed so that the resulting content can be compiled with special options specific to that file.


OrchidPrecompiler(int priority) public since: v1.0.0

Initialize the OrchidPrecompiler with a set priority. Currently does nothing but is in place to allow for implementation to be chosen at runtime.

  • priority



void shouldPrecompile(String input) abstract public since: v1.0.0

Evaluate a given input String to determine whether it should be precompiled with this OrchidPrecompiler or not.

  • String input

    the input to evaluate
EdenPair<F, S> getEmbeddedData(String input) abstract public since: v1.0.0

Extract the data embedded within some given content, returning the data that was extracted as well as the content after the embedded data has been removed.

  • String input

    the input content to parse