In package com.eden.orchid.api.compilers

class com.eden.orchid.api.compilers.TemplateFunction

Template Functions add methods that can be called by themselves or as a "filter" in an expression within the primary template language.


public <init>(kotlin.String, kotlin.Boolean)

Initialize the Function with the name which it should be called with in the template., and whether Whether this Function returns "safe" HTML that should not be escaped by default. For filters that return anything other than a String, isSafe should always be false. The actual implementation of a Function should have a single constructor annotated with javax.inject.Inject.

  • name: String
  • isSafe: Boolean


public abstract parameters(): Array

The sequential parameters of this function

  • No parameters
public abstract apply(): Any

Apply the filter or function here, returning the created or modified data.

  • No parameters