In package com.eden.orchid.api.tasks

public abstract class OrchidCommand extends Prioritized implements OptionsHolder

since: v1.0.0 public abstract

A Command represents something that can be executed via user-input in an interactive session (such as the "interactive" task or from the admin command bar). Commands are very similar to tasks, but differ in the following ways:

  • Orchid runs a single Task in a session, but multiple Commands may be issued in a session
  • A Task shuts Orchid down after it completes, but a command does not
  • A Task does not have additional parameters passed to it; rather the command-line flags act as the Task options. In contrast, additional parameters may be passed to a command directly, being extracted as an OptionsHolder
  • A Task expects a regular String name, while Commands may be matched against a Regex pattern


OrchidCommand(int priority, String key) public

  • priority
  • String key


String parameters() abstract public

void run(String commandName) abstract public

  • String commandName