In package com.eden.orchid.api.theme.menus.menuItem

public abstract class OrchidMenuItem extends Prioritized implements ModularPageListItem<L, I>

since: v1.0.0 public abstract


OrchidContext context final

String type final
Field Annotations:

OrchidPage page
Field Annotations:

int order
Field Annotations:
    value="By default, menu items are rendered in the order in which they are declared, but the ordering can be changed by setting the order on any individual menu item. A higher value for order will render that menu item earlier in the list.")


OrchidMenuItem(OrchidContext context, String type, int priority) public



void canBeUsedOnPage(OrchidPage containingPage, OrchidMenu menu, List<E> possibleMenuItems, List<E> currentMenuItems) public

List<E> getMenuItems() abstract public