Orchid Bible


Orchid Bible

Load the full text of Bible verses quickly and easily.

Adding Bible verses

Bible verses can be added simply by passing their reference to the bible function. The verse text will be downloaded and displayed on the page, along with the verse reference. You will need to sign up for an API key for the
Bibles.org API to download verse text, and the Bible version must be the id of one of the available versions on Bibles.org.

As a filter

{{ "John 3:16"|bible("eng-KJV") }}

John 3:16

As a function

{{ bible("Galatians 2 19-21", "eng-NASB") }}

Galatians 2 19-21

Include with:
dependencies {
    orchidRuntime 'io.github.javaeden.orchid:OrchidBible:0.16.1'