Orchid Swiftdoc


Orchid Swiftdoc

Create beautiful documentation for your Swift source code within Orchid.

Using Orchid to document Swift code

Documenting Swift code within Orchid depends on the SourceKitten command line tool, which itself requires the full XCode environment to be installed on your system (not just the xcode command-line tools).

Orchid takes the source swift files and calls to the sourcekitten executable on your machine to get back a JSON representation of your source code. It then takes that model and generates pages for every class, struct, enum, protocol, and global. It also links typealiases and extensions to the classes they relate to, and also points each of the above types to a page listing the various code elements within that source file.

Include with:
dependencies {
    orchidRuntime 'io.github.javaeden.orchid:OrchidSwiftdoc:0.16.10'