Orchid Syntax Highlighter


Orchid Syntax Highlighter

Add syntax highlighting with Pygments or PrismJS.

About Orchid Writers' Blocks

This plugin adds a highlight Tag, which will highlight your code using Pygments. You must include assets/css/pygments.scss in your extraCss or include a custom Pygments theme for the highlighting to work. Pygments supports many languages out of the box for you with no additional configuration.

{% highlight 'yaml' %}
title: 'Page Title'
  - type: pageContent
{% endhighlight %}

Alternatively, you may opt for a browser-based solution using PrismJS. This may offer greater flexibility and works with the normal Markdown syntax, but requires Javascript to function. You will also need to manually add language definitions for each language you intend to highlight, which may not be feasible for sites which need many languages highlighted.

title: 'Page Title'
  - prism: 'pageContent'
      - 'java'
      - 'yaml'

Include with:
dependencies {
    orchidRuntime 'io.github.javaeden.orchid:OrchidSyntaxHighlighter:0.16.10'