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API Documentation

Generates static pages with the same output folder as their input, minus the base directory. Input pages come from 'baseDir' option value, which defaults to 'pages'.

Default Config
# config.yml
  baseDir: pages
# config/pages.yml
baseDir: pages
Key Type Default Value Description
baseDir String pages

The base directory in local resources to look for static pages in.

Key Type Default Value Description
allData Map<String, Object> {}

All options passed to this object.

layout String empty string

Set the default layout to be used for all Pages from this Generator. Pages can specify their own layouts, which take precedence over the Generator layout.

parallel boolean false

Improve site generation performance dramatically by rendering the pages from this Generator in parallel. There are currently thread-safety issues that may cause deadlocks, especially when in serve mode when build cycles may be executed multiple times. As such this feature should be considered highly experimental and used with caution.

theme Object null

Set a theme to be used only when rendering pages from this Generator. This can be a String to use that theme's default options set in config.yml, or an object with a key property to use those specific options for the theme.

Key Type Description
allGenerators Site Config

Configure this item with additional options merged in from config.yml, from the object at the archetype key. Dots in the key indicate sub-objects within the site config.