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Pages are the most fundamental unit of content in an Orchid site. A Page represents a single HTML file in the output of your site, and the rest of Orchid revolves around the Page. The following outlines the key players in an Orchid site and how they all interact:

  • Orchid asks Generators to know which Pages they intend to produce.
  • Orchid adds these Pages to a single Index.
  • Orchid passes these pages back to their respective Generators to be rendered.
  • During rendering, a Page asks the Theme how the final output should look. This involves the creation and display of Menus and Components. Pages, Themes, Generators, or anything else can request Menus or Components be displayed.
  • Menus use indexed content to decide which items end up in the menu, which is displayed within the Page.
  • Components are small sections of the Page which are relatively isolated in scope, but may request data that has been indexed. Components can also contribute CSS or JS assets to the page they are added to.

As an object in Orchid, the page is quite small, with not much to say about it, mostly just holding data. Conceptually, however, the Page is the largest and most important player in Orchid as everything else works together to build the complete page and provide it with all that data.