Pages are the most basic unit of data in Orchid, representing one file in your final site. Get to know the basic parts of an Orchid page and how other Orchid components relate.
Front Matter allows you to customize your Pages individually, adding components or menus to just that page.
Orchid includes native support for compiling Markdown, Asciidoc, Pebble, SCSS, PlantUML diagrams, and more.
Pages with a Front Matter header will first be precompiled as using Pebble.
Orchid uses Pebble templates and a unique layout composition system for fast and flexible layout design.
Components are single, logical blocks of content within a Page.
Orchid's built-in menu generation intelligently connects site structure to site menus which adapt themselves to site content.
Orchid maintains a structured and flexible page hierarchy which allows for automatically-generated breadcrumbs.
Orchid accumulates assets from multiple sources before they are added to the page, including themes, plugins, components, and Front Matter.