Pages are the most basic unit of data in Orchid, representing one file in your final site. Get to know the basic parts of an Orchid page and how other Orchid components relate.

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Pages are the most basic unit of data in Orchid. Conceptually, a Page represents one file in your final site, whether its your homepage, a blog post, CSS or JS assets, images, or anything else.

Orchid uses a plugin system to index your pages from a variety of different sources, such as Markdown files or code comments, and then renders them to file embedded in a theme. The theme inserts the page content into a layout, usually with one or more menus.

The page content is composed of a list of components, with one of these typically embedding the Markdown file contents inside a page template. Pages may also have their own unique menus, which usually holds menu items related to that specific page or its related pages.

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