GitHub Releases

Create a Release on Github from your Changelog.

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The githubReleases Publisher allows you to create a git tag and a Release on Github with notes from your latest changelog entry.

To use the githubReleases publisher, you'll need to provide Orchid with a githubToken containing a Personal Access Token from Github. Since PATs are confidential and allow anyone who has it complete access to your account, you should set this as an environment variable and add it to your Gradle orchid config from that variable rather than committing it to source control.

orchid {
    githubToken = "${System.getenv('GITHUB_TOKEN')}" 
    // or 'githubToken' in an environment variable without this line

The release will be created on the repo specified in the publisher config, specified at repo as username/repo. The account the PAT was created for must have write acess to this repo.

Example Usage

        repo: 'JavaEden/Orchid'

API Documentation

Create releases directly on Github.

Default Config
# config.yml
        commitish: empty string
        prerelease: false
        repo: empty string
Key Type Default Value Description
commitish String empty string

The target_commitish value to create the release tag on.

prerelease boolean false

Whether this is a prerelease.

repo String empty string

The repository to release to, as [username/repo].

Key Type Default Value Description
allData Map<String, Object> {}

All options passed to this object.

dry boolean false
order int 0

Manually set the order in which this publisher executes

Key Type Description
allPublishers Site Config

Configure this item with additional options merged in from config.yml, from the object at the archetype key. Dots in the key indicate sub-objects within the site config.