The script Publisher allows you to run arbitrary shell commands as part of your Orchid deploy pipeline. If the shell script execution fails, so does the whole pipeline.

Configuration is simple, just pass it a command, either as a String or an array of strings, and optionally provide it a specific directory to run from. If no cwd is given, it defaults to your resources directory.

Example Usage

 1 services:
 2   publications: 
 3     stages: 
 4       - type: script
 5         command: './'
 6       - type: script 
 7         command:
 8           - './' 
 9           - 'arg1' 
10           - 'arg2'
11         cwd: '~/orchid/deploy/scripts'

API Documentation

Run arbitrary shell scripts.

Default Config
# config.yml
        command: empty array
        cwd: empty string
Key Type Default Value Description
command String[] empty array

The executable name

cwd String empty string

The working directory of the script to run

Key Type Default Value Description
allData Map<String, Object> {}

All options passed to this object.

dry boolean false
order int 0

Manually set the order in which this publisher executes

Key Type Description
allPublishers Site Config

Configure this item with additional options merged in from config.yml, from the object at the archetype key. Dots in the key indicate sub-objects within the site config.

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